Happy Father’s Day

June 21, 2015

Happy Father’s Day!
On this amazing Father’s Day, this father is in one of his ‘happy places’! I have just arrived in Claremore, Oklahoma in anticipation of the arrival of the competitors to their lunch stop. It has been a beautiful drive from Missouri to Oklahoma…where the wind blows gently ‘cross the plains. While I haven’t seen any buffalo roaming yet, I already know that this is an area to which I want to return. Claremore has world class museums, great boutique and antique shopping and spectacular events and entertainment! Located at the Expo Center, the crowds are growing in anticipation of the day the Great Race came to town! Sunscreen and lots of water is the order of the day!
Several hours later from Oklahoma City… the day has zoomed by with a great noon stop, followed by a long drive through Oklahoma to Oklahoma City, to recieve the cars just outside Dodger Stadium…
A special treat after visiting the world headquarters of Sonic restaurants was a visit to Mickety Mantle’s Steak House where I truly enjoyed world class dining!
Short blog…big sleep required!

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  • My family and I live in Chandler, Oklahoma.On June 21st we watched with great anticipation for the cars of the Great Race to come down Route 66 through our town. I am a subscriber of Hemmings Musle Machine magazine where I saw the ad about the race. I told every one I knew about it but most said it was too hot to sit and watch. So my daughter,my son in law,my grandson and I sat on a sharp curve in Chandler and waited to see the race. At around 3:00 in the hot Fathers day sun the first cars started to drive by. We took pictures of every car that went by us. It was so awesome to see and very much worth sitting in the hot sun for! We stayed until the last car passed by us. And we were so impressed by the cars and the crews in them,you are all winners to us. Thank you.

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