Final Thoughts Great Race 2013

July 2, 2013

Safely tucked back in my office in Ottawa, I had all of yesterday’s airports and airplanes to quietly reflect on what had just happened. I found it poignant that the last person I saw at the airport prior to boarding, was Sister McRae. She was wearing a smile as broad as that wonderful heart that beats inside of her for all things Great Race and Great Racers. We talked briefly about the joy she felt at being presented the Tom McRae Spirit of the Race Award. She was genuinely moved by that recognition. She has been through so much. I recall meeting her in 1995 when Great Race started in Ottawa… I swear that she hasn’t changed one bit. Whether a part of it, on the outside looking in and now thanks to the Cokers, feeling so much a part of it again, Sister McRae is special!
As I filed away materials and keepsakes from 2013, I counted my collection of Great Race Yearbooks; I have completed 16 Great Race events since coming on board in 1995. I genuinely love what I get to do, have learned to love the people that not only compete, but all the folks behind the scenes who make the event occur.
I’ll anxiously await the posting of the final results, read on blogs and social media the thoughts and reflections of others who participated this year, examine every photo on SmugMug, and cheer when details of Great Race 2014 are finalized and announced.
Thanks to all. It’s been another great ride!

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  • Good job, Motormouth. My bad luck was also my good fortune, in that I got to hear you work the lunch and evening stops. Since racers only hear about themselves as they come in, they don’t get to hear your memorization work on the details of the teams, on the towns we visit, and the sponsors who allow us to play the game. The folks who welcome us in really know that we know where we are and who they are, and that we’re glad to be there. By the third or fourth day you and Corky have your gags worked out(or in the case of Corky maybe gags put in) and you play the perfect straight man to him.

    We come in, the town welcomes us, then we go to eat; you are still out there, cheering on the rest of the field and keeping the energy going.

    I was especially proud of how you gently handled Kirk and Rita Hill. They were reminded of their son’s passing twice a day, but each time the crowd heard ‘share the road’ and they always listened, responding with dignified applause for their courage. You helped them get the message out in a way they would not be able to on their own. That was a nice legacy for their son.

    I hope the other racers get a chance to see and hear you at work without paying the penalty of being out of the race.

    You’re part of the family and it wouldn’t be the same withoot you.

  • We in Germantown thank you for comeing threw our town once again we are always glad to see your event.

  • Hey fellow Canadian, you do an awesome job on this Great Race, and is is always a pleasure to see you smiling face as we come into every town. The old car and the old people crossed the finish line again. Thanks for all that you do

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