Days 10 to 355….

July 3, 2012

I couldn’t bear to write anymore after that ending, so I’ll write a quick followup here.

I previously promised a picture of the missing “ACE” sign, and the “aces” we got.
The Aces
The sign

My plan for next year is to compete again, but it’ll be a different car. I can’t stomach the idea of any more damage to the VW (the starter wasn’t the only casualty, the 50-year old shocks are not exactly the most functional parts on the car anymore…) so I’ll be coming up with something else. I can’t really give much more information than that right now, though I do have a few criteria…

There’s some more pictures that I plan on putting up, but they need work first (and I never did get the photos from Nick). I’ll do another post just for those.

Edit July 4th:

Please click it for the big version, it gets cut off here.

In the mean time, I’d like to thank EVERYONE involved with the Great Race. Staff, Volunteers, Racers, people at the shows (I think I’ll be in about 15 different VW club publications from around the areas we hit), it just wouldn’t be right without all of them. It will forever be one of the greatest experiences anyone can have in a car, certainly for me it was truly amazing. There’s no way I won’t do it again. I want an Ace!

2 comments about “Days 10 to 355….”

  • Ethan, thanks for bringing back the “feel and spirit” of the Race! We said ‘hello’ in passing a couple of times – I was navigator in car 69. This is my first GR, although I did the Coker Challenge in 2010. So I have only old age, no treachery, to bring to the party. But we had fun and improved (for the most part) as time went on. We were blessed with an accurate speedo and a reliable (it starts!!!) car, so who can complain?

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word of your blog – as I said, it brought back the feel of the race. I admire your and Nick’s perseverance!

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences!! See you next year!

    Frank Daly

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