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June 20, 2014

There’s nothing like the morning after the night before! Yesterday was so energizing, what with two flights, the rental pick up in Portland, Maine and the drive…in my spanking new Dodge Charger to Ogunquit. From the moment one arrives at registration, one knows why once involved, you keep coming back. It’s like seeing the family for the first time in a year…and that’s exactly what it’s been. From reuniting with staff, with previous participants, to seeing the return of vehicles from previous years, to the rush of introductions to new Great Racers and new vehicles, the day flies by.

Last evening was a certain reminder that we are in Maine, with a terrific clam bake and lobster dinner at Foster’s. The one thing that I figured out for sure was that there is no neat way to eat lobster!

Today, we start to get serous…mandatory meeting at 8:00, followed by preparations for the Trophy Run this afternoon. That’s a real first test for teams and their machines!

Stay tuned…the best is yet to come!

3 comments about “Breakfast Blog”

  • Sounds amazing, especially the lobster dinner, tail and claws only, I hope. Do not like it looking at you on the plate.

  • Sure hope that beautiful Model A made it to Lowell today without any issues! I’ll be at The Villages watching and listening for the special chug that a Model A sends out when running! Love it. Good luck.

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