What Lake?

April 30, 2011

When we tell people we are going on the Great Race one of the first comments we hear is, “Oh you must see beautiful countryside!”    I remember our Rookie year we were driving on a curvy road with frequent speed changes.  As the driver my focus was keeping the car on the road, looking ahead for changes in terrain, looking out for signs, and watching the speedometer.

After a very long stretch we finally came to a coffee break.  When we got out of the car one of the Racers came up and said, “Wasn’t that the most beautiful lake you have ever seen?”  I looked at Pat and said, “What lake?”

I had been so focused on the road and the speedometer I did not even see the huge lake that we had driven around.   Since then we have heard we missed beautiful fields of sunflowers and famous “roadside attractions”.    So yes, we do go through beautiful countryside; but we really don’t get to enjoy the scenery.

But you can have the enjoyment of helping the kids and families suffering from Autism by donating to our 4th Annual “Auction for Autism”.  Over the past 5 years the VCRA has given over $250,000 to Autism Chapters.

A big Thank you to LeBarron Bonney for donating a $100 Gift Certificate to our 4th Annual “Auction for Autism”!   Check out our website https://vcra.tofinoauctions.com/auctionforautism11/donation_items to see the items we have in for ideas of what you can donate.

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