Scenic Pennsylvania Dairyland Farm “Obsticals”

June 15, 2011

A Backhoe, Tractors, Truck … don’t they know we are rallying?  What a day!  The weather was a 10 – perfect … sun, no clouds … awesome!  Then we started rallying … covered bridge, slow speeds, lovely Pennsylvania farm scenery… which means farm equipment.  Remember, Farmers are out early in the morning doing their “stuff” and we are on the same roads.  There is nothing so “special” as coming around a corner and being behind farm equipment doing 15 miles per hour going up hill … what do we do?  Do we stop?  Do we drop to 50% of speed?  What is the right answer?  How do we stay on speed/time?  Well, obviously Tim & Alex Mitchell figured this out today as they won today’s Race.   Or, they were lucky … if they were 5 minutes later the whole scenario could change.  THAT is Great Racing and THAT is what makes it fun.   Bravo Great Race!  We can’t wait for next year!!

2 comments about “Scenic Pennsylvania Dairyland Farm “Obsticals””

  • Sometimes a stop-and-go will fix it, sometimes you need to be creative and explore what it’s like off-roading on the shoulder at speed. 🙂 All part of the challenge! Love your updates – hang in there and we’ll (vicariously) see you at the finish!

  • Saw you Monday in Maryland. My husband thought it was a good idea to come from Pittsburgh to see the great race cars. He was RIGHT. I so enjoyed seeing all the cars roll into Cumberland. Thanks for coming to our area. Rootin’ ya on.

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