Grandparents have NO sense!

April 26, 2011

Patrick is working away on our ’31 Buick Racer.  We are hoping the weather here in Oregon clears soon and warms up to at least 60 so we can get the old gal out of the house and on the road for a test run late next week!   Oh well, that is my Navigator/Mechanic’s problem.   As the Driver all I have to do is worry about the 4th Annual “Auction for Autism”.

Last year one of the coolest donations was … A horse, is a horse, of course, of course … unless the Horse is … “Tony the Pony”  … thank you Coker Tire for last year’s  Great donation – our Grandson LOVES his “Tony the Pony”!

A lot of folks on the Great Race are Grandparents and stuff for the Grandkids always sells extremely well!   Everyone knows that Grandparent’s have NO sense!

Check out our website to see the items we have in and for ideas of what you can donate.

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