Curse you John Classen!

May 2, 2011

We cannot tell you how many times we have uttered the words, “Curse you John Classen”.  John is the Rally Master of the Great Race working hard to create fun, yet very challenging routes for our rally.  But really John … we will never forget the 3-legged dog that ran out in front of our car … just before a checkpoint!  And the Trains, the Combines, the Herd of Cows and the Amish Buggies(!!)

John – how DO you arrange for all the crazy things to pull out right in front of us when we are supposed to be going 35 mph?  Stay on course – OK.  Stay on time … not always so easy.

But you will be right on course when you Donate to the 4th Annual “Auction for Autism”.   Take a look at to see the Auction items we have in so far!


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