X-Cup Donations from Late Great Racer, Ken Lumberry

May 28, 2013

Great Race 2013

The Great Race has always held a special bond with those who have been involved with the event, and the story of Ken Lumberry epitomizes that better than any other. Lumberry, of Delong, Illinois, died recently at the age of 80.

His connection with the Great Race goes back almost two decades, and although he never competed in the event himself, he made it possible for dozens of others to participate. Lumberry donated his car, a 1928 Ford Model A speedster, to high school teams across the country so they could compete in the X-Cup division. The Model A was originally red, but was repainted yellow by one X-Cup team. One of the many X-Cuppers to use the car was our own Naomi Schnell.

The Great Race meant so much to Lumberry that when he passed away his family asked memorials be made to the X-Cup division. And the folks in his community responded. Lumberry’s wife, Ruth, will be at the lunch stop in Peoria, Illinois, on Monday, June 24, to make the presentation.

The money will be awarded in the form of scholarships, with one half going to the winning team, one fourth to the team with the lowest single day score and one fourth to the team with the best single leg score.

6 comments about “X-Cup Donations from Late Great Racer, Ken Lumberry”

  • This man was my Uncle and A Great man, I can remember riding in this car as child, and of course I had lots of questions and needless to say he never told me to keep quite, cause if he had maybe I wont have had a bug fly in my mouth. We always got a chuckle out of that story!!! Love you Uncle Kenny Miss you!!!!.

  • My Dad was a mechanic forever and loved Old cars. He really wanted young people to stay interested in the mechanics of cars. He was proud to loan out this car to ensure young people stayed involved. We know he will be happy with the decision to make the memorial donations go to the Xcup teams and keeping the young people involved. I have owned Dad’s car for about 5 years now, and with his passing I would like to continue the tradition. Love Kenny’s daughter Kay

  • Kenny was a great person who always gave more than he received. As his brother inlaw we were involved in five different car transactions, what a great ride we had together, and I don’t mean in a car.

  • I remember him bringing home antique cars in boxes and putting them back together. When finally they were able to take out for a ride. He would stop and pick me up and we would ride around the neighborhood until they were “just right”. Then we could take them down the hard road. This continued for years. Then it was time for my children to enjoy their “rides”. This is a wonderful way to honor him. i will miss him alot. A neice who grew up across the street from him.

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