We Made It

June 20, 2013

The Dart did its job and got us here safely. Our trip was 851 miles including a few u-turns. After we departed Kentucky the weather was sunny the rest of the way. Once we arrived, in St.Paul, we removed the road dust from the car. Compared to the other cars ours was dirty. The Dart is now shining and ready to continue its task. Our we ready? Time will tell. Tomorrow we register and get the Dart inspected. We believe this is the first year there are three cars from Kentucky (’37 Ford Coupe, ’56 Ford Crown Victoria and our ’69 Dart GT). There are 100 cars entered this year including 20 rookie team. We are here and time will tell if we are ready.

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  • Hi Ray Congrats on making it to Minn. Sounds like the 8 cyl. is doing well. Looking forward to tour stories. Thanks again for taking the reins. Brad

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