They Still Got It! The Jasons Win VCRA Rally in Missouri

May 1, 2017

Three-time Great Race champions Barry and Irene Jason of Texas won the 12th annual VCRA rally in Joplin, Missouri in their 1966 Mustang this weekend. Although they have taken a break from Great Race competition (the photo is from their 2013 victory in Mobile, Alabama), they still have what it takes to win! The Jasons finished with a score of 5.82 seconds. The event, put on by Great Racer Rex Gardner, helps raise funds for Autistic children and Autism programs around the country.

Second place went to Beth Gentry and Jody Knowles from Georgia in their 1932 Ford Cabriolet with a score of 6.84. They were the top finishers on the final day of competition. They were followed closely overall by Gary and Jean Ann Martin from Kentucky who finished third in their 1964 Nova with a 6.86. The Martins had the lowest raw score on the event (as they did on the Great Race in 2016) but they were edged out because of the old car handicap.

Fourth place went to 1995 Great Race champion Curtis Graf from Texas and Great Race Director Jeff Stumb from Tennessee who had a 7.60 final score in Graf’s 1932 Ford roadster. They were the top finishers in two of the three days of competition. In fifth place was the father and son team of Jeff and Eric Fredette if Illinois in their 1933 Ford pickup truck with a score of 9.24.

The next regional rally (put on by the Northeast Rally Club) is May 19-21 in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania, followed by the Sugar Valley Rally in Scottsbluff, Nebraska on June 2-4. The Great Race will start on Saturday, June 24, in Jacksonville, Florida, and end Sunday, July 2, in Traverse City, Michigan.

4 comments about “They Still Got It! The Jasons Win VCRA Rally in Missouri”

  • Congratulations to Barry and Irene!! So glad to have them back with us in top form. Very glad everyone made it safely and thanks to Rex the “Real Rally Master” for the wise decision Saturday. GREAT JOB and thanks to all the volunteers who endured trying conditions with us!!!

    Tom Regan # 28

  • Congratulations to Beth and Jody. Great job!! So glad the girls are safe !!! Looking forward to seeing everyone in Jacksonville. I am certain we will receive a warm
    reception in NEWNAN Saturday. I know my grandsons will be very excited to see us!!
    Tom Regan #28

  • Congratulations to Jean Ann and the driver she puts up with!! Great job girl under trying conditions, including the weather!! Very pleased to see you looking so well. We will see you soon in Jacksonville!!
    Tom Regan #28

    • Thanks Tom, it was a fun time even if there were some weather issues. We are looking forward to seeing you and all of our Great Race Family in Jacksonville.

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