VCRA Donates to The Vista School in Pennsylvania

December 10, 2017

For over the last 10 years Edward and Steven Tourje from Uniondale, Pennsylvania have been racing their 1939 Ford One mile at a time for Autism. On Wednesday December 6th 2017 they represented the Vintage Car Rally Association (VCRA) by presenting The Vista School with a holiday gift, a $45,000 donation to purchase a slightly used van and soundproof classroom dividers. This amazing gift will enable students with autism to get into the community for job training and employment, and create quiet spaces within classrooms. Pictured, from left, are Ed Tourje, VCRA representative; Kirsten Yurich, Chief Clinical Officer; Steven Tourje, VCRA representative; Candis Chubb, education director; and Michael Jarman, chief strategic officer. We’re grateful beyond words!
For more information about VCRA and Racing for Autism visit

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