Two Great Racers Visit Chattanooga, TN Headquarters

January 14, 2016

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Great Racer Robert Dinges of Killen, Alabama is preparing a 1929 old school Ford roadster highboy for the 2016 Great Race, but he needed a Ford three-speed transmission to finish it off. Former Great Racer Jim Boggs from Goose Creek, South Carolina came to the rescue. Boggs even drove the transmission to Chattanooga to meet Dinges half way and to visit Great Race headquarters and director Jeff Stumb.

Dinges has participated in the Great Race most years since 1995. The last two years he has had his son Alex navigate their all-stock 1928 Model A Two Door Sedan. They won Day 4 into Santa Fe last year and were fifth overall on Day 7 when they broke a U-joint in Seligman, Arizona.

They were able to finish the race, but they decided the 1929 Ford would be perfect for the 2016 race, especially with the mountains and altitude and the fact that the participants will be given extra time on the Bonneville Salt Flats on the day between Elko, Nevada and Evanston, Wyoming. The car will be scored as a 1938 in the event because he is using a 24-stud Ford Flathead V8 engine.

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