Tommy’s Trailers

June 14, 2012

Tommy Hudson of Tommy’s Trailers has run sweep for the Great Race as long as anyone can remember. I was only on Tommy’s trailer once – which is not bad for 10 years of competition. But it was not a good day to be on it. My wife Karen and I were running seventh overall on the Championship Run in the 2005 Great Race in my 1916 Hudson Cabriolet. At the foot of Mt. Rainer in Washington state, we through a rod through the block. We were running near the front and had to watch nearly the entire field go by before Tommy arrived. In typical Tommy fashion, he had a great story to tell everyone about us coming out of the woods. It didn’t help matters that our young son – Hudson – was born eight months later, but it really made Tommy’s story better.

I was watching the 1988 Great Race TV show we have posted onYoutube the other day, and there was Tommy helping a broken down car onto a trailer. Probably only John Classen, Curtis Graf, Wayne Stanfield, Dick Burdick and Wayne Bell have more Great Race miles under their belts.

Unfortunately, Tommy Hudson will not be on the 2012 Great Race. Tommy is experiencing some health issues that will prevent him from attending. If anyone wants to call him or send him a card, here is the information: Tommy Hudson, 15894 County Road 3540, Ada, OK 74820 or (cell) 580-310-2872.

4 comments about “Tommy’s Trailers”

  • Hey Tommy, Sorry to hear you won’t be able to make another Greatrace. If you think some boiled peanuts would help, we’ll pack some up for you.

    Taylor Merrill, #46 Dairyqueen Car

  • Tommy has a way of making the worst day better. We also were only on his truck once when we broke an axle in Texas. In addition, I was recovering from a recent surgery so was a little uncomfortable as it was. 🙂 Tommy regaled us through the afternoon, took us to lunch, bought a stuffed animal for our daughter, and was such a consummate professional in how he treated our car – we were truly blessed. Tommy, we’re praying for your full recovery and look forward to seeing you on the road next time around!

  • We’ll miss you on this one, Tommy! I’m hoping to hear some good news about better health soon! I’m thinking about you!

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