Thoughts and Prayers for Jean Ann Martin

December 9, 2015

Everyone who has attended just one Great Race, Coker Tire Challenge or VCRA event since 2007 knows Gary and Jean Ann Martin. They are the nicest, most outgoing folks you could ever meet. And whether they are driving their yellow Corvette, red 1938 Ford Coupe or blue 1964 Nova they are having fun. And they are competitive, finishing in the top 5 in several recent rallies. We have now learned that Jean Ann is dealing with breast cancer, and as you would expect, she is approaching it with the same positive attitude she is famous for. She is going to have chemo before the surgery, but in typical Jean Ann fashion this is what she had to say about it: “The good thing is the timing of this. It was after rally season so I will have time to get this behind me before 2016 Great Race.” She also posted this on Facebook: “Thanks for the concern and prayers. There has been a change in my treatment plans and the surgery scheduled for Dec 9 has been cancelled. After reviewing my issues the decision is to now do chemo before the surgery. Please continue to pray for me as I battle this. All my Great Race family know Gary calls me a ‘game Nazi’ and I’m tackling this with the same ‘game Nazi’ attitude for winning.”

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