The Coker Tire Challenge kicks off Sept. 14 as scheduled!

September 11, 2017

The 12th annual Coker Tire Challenge will begin as scheduled on Thursday, Sept. 14, with registration, vehicle technical inspection, Rally School and reception in the Coker Tire Museum. The rally will begin Friday morning.

The weather for the event is expected to be wonderful. The Chattanooga area should get an inch or two or rain and some moderately high winds Monday and Tuesday, but the forecast for Thursday through Sunday is highs in the low 80s and only a 10 percent chance of rain each day.

There are a few small changes from past years, including registration in the basement of Coker Tire, tech inspection on Fort Street behind Coker Tire (instead of on 14th Street to the side of Coker Tire) and support trailer parking is in a new location off of 28th Street. Participants who have signed up already have been given a Schedule of Events with all of this information, including a map to the new support trailer parking area.

One comment about “The Coker Tire Challenge kicks off Sept. 14 as scheduled!”

  • I just got back home from doing the Coker Tire Challenge. It was my wife and I’s first rally ever as we are getting ready for next year’s Great Race. It was a great time, great weather and a great way to learn how to rally! Everyone who puts this on are a great help and put up with all our rookie questions.

    I highly recommend it for those who may be wanting to try vintage car rallying without the pressure and expense of the Great Race.

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