Tabetha Hammer Documents the 2014 Great Race

November 12, 2014

Everyone loves to reflect on their experiences on the Great Race when they return home after the ultimate car experience. Some put videos together while others show their friends and local car clubs their photos from the event. Still others chronicle their time on the Great Race in magazine articles, and Tabetha Hammer of Hagerty has put together one of the best stories we have seen in a long time for “Throttle Gals” magazine. If you have not heard of the magazine, it is exactly what it says it is – a magazine featuring gals and their cars.

And the story of Tabetha and navigator Samantha Bonter on the Great Race (one of only two all-female teams) is perfect. Thanks to Doni Langdon, whose title at the magazine is Head Chick in Charge, for letting us share Tabetha and Sam’s story on the 2014 Great Race with you.


5 comments about “Tabetha Hammer Documents the 2014 Great Race”

  • I was so proud of my friends Tabetha and Sam finishing the Great Race (and repairing the fuel pump on their car on the side of the road by themselves). I am also proud to say that my wife, Karen, and daughter, Whitney, were the other all-female team and they finished the race in their 1965 Corvair convertible.

  • …awesome article,Tabetha! One of the best clearly enunciated explanations of the event that I have ever read. This could become ‘script’ for the 2015 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty!

  • Terrific article, Tabetha!! However, I caution Sam to make sure she doesn’t let Tabetha calculate their start times in the future: “if the official start time is 7am, your starting number is 15 and the speed you should be going is 30mph and you know that it takes you three seconds to accelerate from 0mph to 30mph your new start time is 7:15:47 (start time of 7:15 minus three seconds acceleration time).” 😀

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