Day 1 – Great Race Spring Rally presented by Stahls Automotive Collection

May 3, 2024

Last year, we started a new regional rally event with the support of our good friends at the Stahls Automotive Collection in Chesterfield, Michigan. The event’s original goal was to provide a three-day practice run for Great Race rookies and give the veterans another place to rally. Several thousand dollars in the prize fund took this from a simple practice rally to an intense competition. Last year, we had a surprisingly large turnout, and this year is even bigger! With more than 80 vehicles registered for competition, we kicked it off with a challenging day of rallying, which started with rain showers and cool temperatures. By lunch time, the showers had moved out and we enjoyed a scenic drive through rural Michigan on our way to the Packard Proving Grounds in Shelby Township, Michigan. We had a nice dinner in the event hall and got to check out the beautiful property and collection of Packard cars and engines. Tomorrow we head back out on the road with a stop at the Wills St. Claire Auto Museum and an evening gathering at Stahls Auto Museum, starting at 4pm. Check out our highlights from Day 1 of 3!

4 comments about “Day 1 – Great Race Spring Rally presented by Stahls Automotive Collection”

  • Thank you to the GR staff, volunteers and the Stahl family for making this possible. Great job and looking forward to the big event race!

  • Sincere thanks to Jeff, Houston, the Great Race rally organizers and “green shirt” volunter team and Stahl’s facility team for an amazing rally.
    Wonderful to see old friends again and meet new ones. Looking forwards to the GR in a month.
    Safe travels for everyone.
    david wells and Peter McGuire

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