Spreading the Word

June 12, 2012

These days xerox flyers just won’t cut it. Social media and the Internet have revolutionized the way we spread the word about important news and information. We’ve taken advantage of the off season and built a complete social infrastructure for the Great Race. We have blogs, Facebook and even twitter running on all cylinders just in time for the 2012 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty Insurance. We learned some things in 2011 that we think will really help grow the popularity the Great Race, rallying and support the old car hobby as well. One thing we noticed was an extremely high level of curiosity at every stop along the way. We all wanted to stop and share the passion with each encounter but sometimes we just had to cut short and go. To support our social media efforts and to answer the call for an “emergency explanation”, the Great Race skunkworks came up with a very cool 4×6″ two-sided card to hand out to anyone who wants to know more about the race. This card includes links to Facebook, website, photo galleries and even contact info for more information about the competition. We are proud of the Great Race and glad to get a few thousand of these cards printed to help spread the word. We want to put a few of these in the hands of every single member of this traveling old car circus this year. Be sure to ask a Great Race staffer for a handful and give them out! We want to add thousands of fresh new fans to the sport we all love so much and there’s no better chance to do just that than during the event.

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