Sponsor Spotlight: Timewise

March 27, 2024

Timewise is the recognized source for time, speed and distance measuring instruments used in automobile road rallies. Timewise speedometers are an essential part of Great Race competition, as the ultra-precise speed measurement allows for the intensely close competition that we see each year on the Great Race.

Timewise started in 1976 with a goal of developing high quality, innovative rally computers and timing instruments. The company refined its products over the next two decades, and in 1999, debuted a product specifically designed for the Great Race. The Model 825 Great Race Compliant Electronic Speedometer was revolutionary, as it aligned with the spirit of the event with an analog appearance, while fully digital internals provide accurate and repeatable speed readings.

The evolution of Great Race rallying came from the accuracy of the Timewise speedometer, and we’re glad to continue a great relationship with the company, going into 2024. For more information on Timewise and its full line of measuring devices, check out www.timewise.us.

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