Emotions at the Conclusion of the 2017 Great Race

July 3, 2017

There is no question that our motto of “to finish is to win” held true today. The folks who crossed the finish line in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan felt like they had truly won this great adventure that we call the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty. The real winners of this event are the hundreds of thousands of people who saw these old cars in their hometown, on their back roads and out on the interstate. They got to see a rolling car show of epic proportions, and you never know–our little 2,300 mile, 9-day ride could’ve kick-started a love affair with old cars for lots of boys and girls. For us, the finish line ceremony is full of emotion. Families, friends and fellow racers are so happy to see that their loved ones tackled this great challenge. It’s so easy to concentrate solely on the magnificent cars on the race, but we want to make a post that focuses on the people…this is what finishing the Great Race looks like!

6 comments about “Emotions at the Conclusion of the 2017 Great Race”

  • Well Done EVERYONE!!!!

    I very much enjoyed seeing you all at the Gilmore Car Museum on Thursday when you stopped for lunch. What a fantastic spectacle that was!!

  • I too was at Gilmore…..what a day that was! I’ve always loved old vehicles-restored, rat rods, expensive, cheap: you name it….. Brings back memories of old vehicles I’ve owned, worked on, spent a lot of money on and then there were those days rummaging through old junk yards, looking for parts. Thanks for good times and bringing back floods of memories…… All of you are winners in my book!

  • Congratulations to all winners in The Great Race, both with trophies and not! Saw you in Newman, Ga.- many memories rekindled. Enjoyed talking to several competitors. Peter, you and your dad surely had a great time together in 21. Don’t know what happened but know your granddad is proud & grateful for you both and the 40 Chevy. Thanks to all sponsors for bring back history in such fantastic event!

  • Reading about how everyone enjoys the his race both those who drive it and those who view the race ad it comes to their town makes me want to consider giving it a try. Maybe I will see how to enter and see just how much fun it is. I wonder if you can have 3 drivers so I don’t have to chose which son to ask to drive with me. Maybe I could have them both drive and I could enjoy watching them having fun together again from the back seat.

  • I am from the south, I found traverciry mi. And the Great Lake of Michigan, a wounder! It was so huge, lake a sea. The Great Lakes or the Great seas of the mid west…I found charlevoix mi a beautiful place to have a Sumer home…..I am Jin. Ps Great Race…..Bob..fl.

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