Reliable Carriers Bringing DOZENS of Cars into San Antonio

June 15, 2021

It’s time for the 2021 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty Drivers Club! Our staff is rolling into town, and there have been several Reliable Carriers trucks dropping off cars this week. We’re working on getting them staged, and getting things ready for registration, tech inspection and all of the opening receptions, ceremonies and so on. We’re so excited to bring you guys ALLLLL of the action, so stay tuned to the website and be sure to go FOLLOW the Great Race Facebook page for updates while we’re on the road.

8 comments about “Reliable Carriers Bringing DOZENS of Cars into San Antonio”

  • You know, no where in the information provided could I find a starting point in San Antonio, nada, zipo! 😳. San Antonio is a large city, I forwarded the information about the race to a cousin who has lived in San Antonio For about 30 years, She couldn’t find any about the race. What’s up 🤷🏻‍♂️? She and her family would have liked to attend the start and see all the different vehicles.

    Randy Redden

  • Hi! What road or highway will you be traveling between Paducah, KY and Owensboro? I can’t find a detailed map of your path. We would love to see you pass!

    • I’m not a race official, but from seeing 2 races, they zig-zag all over the map. I think your best bet is to catch them at one of the stops, lunch or overnight. It is an excellent event to see if you’re even a little interested in cars.
      If you can find their route and set up to watch, that would be cool, but I have not seen how to do that. Good luck

  • Can’t wait to see the finish in Greenville, SC !! We’ll be there to celebrate !! Go ! Go! Go safely !!

  • What route out of San Antonio are they taking? Nacogdoches Road all the way to San Marcos Via New Braunfels? Why isn’t the map more precise? Why isn’t this on the local news channel websites?
    Who was supposed to do the Public Relations for Hemmings?
    I want answers immediately. I have been looking forward to this for over a year. I do not want to miss it.

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