Registration Times Announced for Thursday, June 17

June 7, 2021

Great Race registration starts at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 17, in the El Capistrano Room on the first level of the Omni La Mansion del Rio Hotel. The time listed is the time you should arrive at the registration room. After a quick trip through registration you will immediately proceed to Vehicle Technical Inspection with your car. The inspection will take place just outside in front of the hotel. Again, if you have completed all of your paperwork in advance, this entire process from registration at the hotel through inspection will take less than an hour. Please note: If your team has completed all of its paperwork in advance, only one member of the team has to go to registration. That team member can pick up everything for the entire team. If paperwork is not in order, all members of the team must come to registration at the appointed time to complete any and all paperwork. If you miss your time you will be rescheduled for the Make-Up Times late in the afternoon.

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  • Hello…Where would you suggest will be a good place to watch the cars under power and in a turn near Beckly, WV? Hopefully we will be able to also meet some of the owners and examine their cars at the motels.
    Is it possible to join The Race for one or two days? What is the entry fee and what is needed other than a 1974 or earlier car and a navigator? Will there be any camping available in Galax or Beckley?
    Thanks for bringing The Race to this area…

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