New Blogger: Ray Szeluga

June 17, 2013

I am not sure “gear up” (borrowed this from Motormouth) is the term I would use. My gears are grinding as the day fast approaches for our team’s departure. Our team leader (Brad Leasor) had to drop out at the last second. Brad has been the one “gearing up” his 1959 Willys for the race. He also organized the team (Billie Bates, Charlie Simpson and I, Ray Szeluga). Brad we will miss your leadership. Charlie and I would have been riding along for moral support while Billie was set to navigate. So I’ve gone from being an interested backseat driver / spectator to driver in less than a week. Also I had to ensure my 1969 Dodge Dart GT is ready for The Great Race. Billie, Charlie and I depart from Lexington, KY on Tuesday morning. We are true rally / race rookies, but can not wait to join with everyone in St. Paul. Look for car #64. While we feel more like “car 54 where are you”.

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