Great Racer, Corky Rutledge Wins Pumkin Run Rally

October 21, 2014

The annual Pumpkin Run was held in Millsboro, Delaware on October 17-20, and 27 cars participated in the rally. The weather was beautiful, and more than $6,000 was raised for the Millsboro Volunteer Fire Department. Corky Rutledge and his son-in-law Ryan Dressler won the event in their 1929 Ford Model A pickup. Corky and his son Tim are Great Race veterans who won the Sportsman Division in 2011 and finished third overall in the same truck.

Second place was Dana and Doug Sharp in their 1916 Hudson Hillclimber. Third was John and Scott Hudson in their 1940 Chevrolet. The Sharps and the Hudsons are Great Race veterans who will be participating in the 2015 Great Race from Kirkwood, Missouri, to Santa Monica, California, in June.

Great Racer Bob Bryan, who is also the mayor of Millsboro, put on the event with the help of dozens of volunteers, including Great Race veteran Gerald Hitchens.

Two Great Race staff members, director Jeff Stumb and mechanic Hal Everett, also participated in the event.

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