Peter Prescott Celebrates 60 Years at EJP

January 31, 2020

Every year, 500 or so folks gather in a different city and spend two weeks traveling across the country together in the Great Race. A large number of that 500 stays the same year after year. We talk old cars, we drive old cars and we compete in old cars. But we don’t always know what the other person does back at home the other 50 weeks of the year. Some, like Scott Hudson in New York (who grew up on the Great Race), are now married and busy teaching school. Others, like Gary Martin in Kentucky, have been building new race cars. And then there is Peter Prescott of Maine.

No one promotes Maine like Peter. He even has a large graphic of a lobster on his 1948 Ford. And no one promotes their hometown like Peter does for Gardiner, Maine. And anyone who was at the overnight stop in Gardiner on the 2018 Great Race knows what I am talking about. That was all Peter (or at least his inspiration and motivation to get the entire town to pitch in and make it one of the best stops ever on the event). Peter is the CEO of the largest business in the community, EJP.

Well, this month, Peter celebrated his 60th year at EJP, the Maine company his father founded. EJP, a past sponsor of the Great Race, was the first waterworks distributor north of Massachusetts. They offered water-main tapping and installation and underground boring. Today, the business is spread from Indiana to Maine and everywhere in between.

Here is a video link they surprised Peter with recently to celebrate the occasion:

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