John and Scott Hudson Win the Penn-York Rally

June 5, 2017

John and Scott Hudson tuned up for the Great Race with a win in late May in the Penn-York Rally in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania. They got out to a large lead on Day 1 in their 1940 Chevrolet and never looked back. They beat out two-time Great Race champions Howard and Doug Sharp from Fairport, New York, in their 1916 Hudson Hillclimber. The event was a fundraiser for the Beach Lake Volunteer Fire Department.

In other Northeast Rally Club news, the Sharps announced that they will host next spring’s rally in early May in Fairport, New York. The one they held there in the Spring of 2016 had one of the largest turnouts of cars at any NERC event ever. More details can be found at

4 comments about “John and Scott Hudson Win the Penn-York Rally”

  • Congratulations Stovebolt and Scott!!
    We heard y’all had an incredible first day!!
    Richard and Jim were impressed with the number of course instructions which makes your accomplishment all the more note worthy. We look forward to seeing y’all in Jacksonville.
    TOM #28

  • Watch out #1, #60 has you in their sites. You had better bring it. Good luck to you both, hope everyone has a safe race.

  • Good Luck John + Scott.
    I will be watching you both all the way through-out the great race. Looking forward to you both being # 1

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