Passing the Torch

October 18, 2012


Hagerty’s Jonathan Klinger and Davin Reckow were seen at Hershey last week in what they hope will be their 2013 Great Race ride. The two competed in Jonathan’s 1930 Model A that he drove every day for 365 days in the 2012 event, and, although the car performed flawlessly, they hope they will be driving the famous Green Dragon next year.

John Hollansworth, who raced the 1917 Peerless Green Dragon more than a dozen times, but he sold the car to Hagerty after the 2012 event. The car was at the Hagerty display in the Chocolate Field at Hershey to help promote the Great Race and Hagerty’s involvement. Hagerty will be in their second year as presenting sponsor of the Great Race next year.

At one point, Klinger and Reckow got in the car to drive it to the Great Race space, but they could only move a few feet at a time because of the crowds (and questions) the car drew. It was even suggested the car was a better attraction moving around the field than sitting at the Hagerty space.

As for John Hollansworth, he said he would consider doing another Great Race “if the right car comes along.”

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  • I would love to be able to find John the right car. The race has a couple of stops close to home that I could come say hello again to a childhood friend and life-long mentor. God bless, Dana

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