Olivia’s Day 4 Recap

June 24, 2015

After enjoying breakfast in Amarillo we began the short drive to Tucumcari. The drive there was very intriguing. The views were filled of old motels that are still alive, and running after so many years simply because of Route 66. As we continued down Route 66 the sights seemed to become more, and more interesting. Eventually all of the signs began to pop out the sky as colors pop out of a comic book. We even got a view of the famous Blue Swallow motel, and various other famous sights along the way.

After lunch we began the long drive to Santa Fe. It was simply amazing to see how the gigantic mounds of rock began to pop out of nowhere, and I found myself thinking about how much rock would’ve had to have been blown apart in order for a road to be put there. It must’ve taken forever, however I feel it was definitely worth it! Once we reached Santa Fe it was such unique town filled with people as the cars lined up all around the court square. After all of the cars came in I was delighted to enjoy the wonderful mexican dinner with Motormouth, Mayor Mike, as well as the Hedkes! It has been yet another great day on the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty.

– Olivia Gentry

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