Model A Speedster Update

March 13, 2013


Chad Nelson and Brandon Schindler of Titusville, Florida, stopped by the Great Race office in Chattanooga last week and got to show off their brand new body for their 1928 Model A speedster.

Chad and Brandon met body fabricator Jim Huseby of Oak Grove, Missouri, here to take delivery of the new body. It was the half way point for both parties, and it provided them the opportunity to take a tour of the Coker Tire Museum, a first for all of them.


Chad and Brandon are planning on retiring the yellow Model A boattail speedster he has run many times on the Great Race and in the Hemmings Challenge. And “boattail” is the proper word for Chad’s car – it is literally made of wood from canoe blueprints.

The progress of their new 1928 Model A speedster has been documented on this blog in the past. They now have less than 100 days to get the body prepped, painted and installed before this year’s rally down the Mississippi River. Will they make it? We will keep you posted.

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