Made it to Maine!

June 17, 2014

Our fleet trucks are still on the way up to Maine, but Great Race Director, Jeff Stumb is already on hand. Cars are beginning to filter in, and our whole crew of staffers should be arriving in Ogunquit, Maine tomorrow afternoon. Thursday is tech inspection, Friday is the Hagerty Trophy Run and Saturday starts the greatest car guy adventure you can do every year! The weather is beautiful and we’re ready to show Maine what the Great Race is all about. Stay tuned for lots of updates in the coming weeks, as our journey begins.


5 comments about “Made it to Maine!”

  • Hi can you tell me the route you will be going on from oqunquit maine to Rochester new Hampshire I would like to watch the cars ilive in York maine close to route us # 1 will you be traving down us # 1 to New Hampshire Thank you herb

  • Can’t wait to see you come through Savannah next week! Hope some of you will get a chance to stop at the Great Savannah Races Museum! Good luck and race on!
    Tanya A. Bailey
    Author: The First American Grand Prix: The Savannah Races 1908-1911

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