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June 9, 2012

The Great Race is coming up VERY soon, and we are VERY excited about it! We’ll be heading to Michigan in a couple of weeks, to prepare for the big event, and get all of our gear set up. We have a crew of folks who will be tackling this event and making sure everything is run properly, but we’ll also have a group that is devoted to documenting the Great Race, and providing updates along the way. Along the course of the event, expect to see hundreds of updates, including awesome photos and videos on the Great Race Facebook Page.

We will also be posting videos to the Great Race YouTube Channel during the event. These will be blog-style videos, documenting the incredible journey from the eyes of the media team. If we see something interesting, you can bet we’ll post it for all to see! We will link all videos to the Facebook page, so as long as you LIKE US on Facebook, you’ll see all of the up-to-the-minute content updates.


In addition to all this, we have a photographer on the Great Race, and he’ll take thousands of high quality pictures, which will be available for viewing and purchasing at But wait, there’s more! The Great Race also has two professional videographers to document the event in HD. These guys will be working hard during the 9-day event, but their work is not complete when the race is over. They will have hundreds of hours of work to turn raw video clips into a TV show. We cannot disclose the network or dates at this time, but we will certainly let everyone know when we get the go-ahead.


Although we inserted the links into this post, here are some links to allow you to follow the Great Race, even if you’re not able to join us on this 2,300 mile journey. We’ll document every mile, and put you in the passenger seat on the greatest car guy experience of a life time!

Great Race Facebook Page–

Great Race YouTube Channel–

Great Race Photos–

One comment about “Keep Up with the Great Race!”

  • We are a local auto parts store established in 1945. Our counter staff has over 115yrs of combined experience in the parts business. We look forward to having you in Warren , Ohio at the Packard Museum on Friday June 29th.

    Please know that our auto parts store and machine shop will stay open late that night to assist anyone in need of parts or machine work to get you going and on your way the next morning.
    Good luck racers

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