John Corey’s New Speedster is Ready to Roll!

June 12, 2014

John Corey has joined us for the past few Great Races, and he’s been working on a project car the whole time we’ve known him. It’s a ’32 Buick speedster, and it’s powered by a Straight 8. John is beaming with excitement, because the car was supposed to be ready for the 2012 event, and then the 2013 event, but now it’s finally ready for the race! John hails from Mechanicville, New York, and will handle the driving duties of the Buick speedster, while David Ullman from Independence, Oregon will be his navigator.


9 comments about “John Corey’s New Speedster is Ready to Roll!”

  • What a great ride this will be. I dream of such great evevnts to be part of and was very happy to learn that it will be coming through Poughkeepsie n.y.on the 22 of june [within 10 miles of our house] I told the wife don’t make plans for me I have to go see this she says too late all of our kids [all four of them] planed a camping weekend that weekend to celebrate fathers day and I have to attend. When does a guy get to do something he likes to do? I’ll be there in my dreams ENJOY IT.

  • As the designer of the Legends,
    Bandolero and Thunder Roadster and a participant in the Great Race next week I applaud you John Corey for such an innovative car and how you built it. GOFIRITBOY1

  • Sweet ride John! Should be a lot easier to navigate some of the tight turns we have compared to the Imperial

  • Looks AWSOME! Will you have fenders and top for the race? Seems to us that Dave’s “only” request was for them. Of course, running “flyer” class is our favorite. Buick 8’s forever!

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