Jesse Jameson Visits Great Race HQ Hometown

November 21, 2019

Great Racer Jesse Jameson visited Chattanooga, Tennessee last week from Connecticut while in town on a business trip. The family’s company, Vibranalysis, is part of a massive construction on the Chickamauga Lock and Dam on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga. Team Vibe, which had two cars in the 2019 Great Race – a 1952 Fabulous Hudson Hornet and a 1966 Dodge Coronet FBI Hemi car – will again field multiple teams in the 2020 event from San Antonio to Greenville, South Carolina. They will bring the Hudson again, but the second vehicle in 2020 will be a 1955 Chrysler 300 NASCAR tribute car.

Jesse has taken the place of his son, Howard, on the lock and dam project in Chattanooga after Howard was killed in late October in a helicopter crash in Las Vegas along with his brother, Scott Socquet. Vibranalysis has been a leader in fundraising for the Great Race’s X-Cup program which provides grants and scholarships for high school and college students involved in the event each year.

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