Jeff Stumb Speaks at TEAMS Conference and Expo

October 27, 2022

Great Race Director Jeff Stumb was the featured speaker this week at TEAMS ’22 Conference and Expo in Oklahoma City. The educational session was called “How the Great Race Embraces Multi-City Events” and was attended by several dozen cities from coast to coast as part of the world’s leading conference and expo for the sports-event industry. Others on the panel were John Gibbons from the Rhode Island Sports Commission, Mark Jeanneret from the Erie Sports Commission and Justin Shaw from Sports Travel magazine. Gibbons and Jeanneret spoke about the fantastic economic impact the Great Race was for their communities during the 2022 event. Stumb also meet with more than 40 cities during the week to promote the Great Race for 2024 and beyond.

The TEAMS Conference takes place at the Oklahoma City Convention Center on Wednesday October 26, 2022 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. (Photo by Jared Wickerham)

2 comments about “Jeff Stumb Speaks at TEAMS Conference and Expo”

  • Jeff:

    I can’t tell u how much I miss the participation in your great event.

    Do you still feature the non participating to follow the race route?

    I’ll look forward to seeing you all in Auburn this year,

    And please put me on the waiting list for 2023

    My middle son has agreed to participle with me.

  • Jeff : Thanks for getting back to me relative the 24 Race and my plans to enter same. If ever in the next 2 races think you could use a 1978 Chev.El Camino as a support vehile ect. please contact me, Garrett Bekker [email protected]

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