I Love My Job

May 2, 2012

I love my job. The other day, we had a group from a magazine company here at Coker Tire and Great Race world headquarters to do a story on the history of tires from 1910 through today. And for the article, they wanted a car to represent each decade, and we provided one for eight of the 10 decades. Our good friend Jeff Lane of the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville provided the other two cars.

Great Race

Since starting work here almost a year ago, I have not had much time to drive any old cars. And I will not be competing in the Great Race any longer since I am the director of the event, so when the magazine folks said they needed someone to drive some old cars I quickly volunteered.

One minute I was driving a 1914 Mitchell touring car – a huge brass era car that any collector would be proud to have in their collection. The next minute I was driving a Jaguar E-Type. Both are amazing cars.

Later today I will head out to Rogers, Ark., to compete in the All-Stars For Autism rally with my wife in a borrowed 1957 Porsche replica. It will be her first rally of any kind in many years, and she is going to drive for the first time while I attempt my second turn at navigating. We will have fun if nothing else. Corky Coker and Greg Cunningham will also be there in their 1932 Ford roadster pickup truck.

As for the Great Race, things are going great. It looks like we have topped 90 cars and it promises to be a special event. If anyone has any questions about anything related to the race, now is the time to ask. You can contact me at [email protected] or at 800-989-7223 (office) or 423-385-4414 (cell).


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