Howard and Doug Sharp Win the 2019 Great Race!

July 1, 2019

We were watching the scores all week, waiting on the big shake up. And as each day passed, positions shifted all throughout the leader board, except for the first position. Howard and Doug Sharp won Stage 1, and that set the tone for the rest of their event, even though five other Great Racers would win stages throughout the nine day event. Howard and his son Doug put together a string of excellent scores in their 1916 Hudson Pikes Peak Hill Climber. The closest opposition was the team of Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry, who turned in some great scores as well. It just wasn’t enough to knock out the Fairport, New York-based team, who previously won the race in 2011 and 2015. Howard and Doug Sharp took home top honors in the Grand Champion division, as well as the overall win, and they’ll take home more than $50,000 and lots of bragging rights.

13 comments about “Howard and Doug Sharp Win the 2019 Great Race!”

  • CONGRATULATIONS to Howard and Doug!! We are so happy for you. Hope to see you at our car show when you get back.

  • With wins in 2011!, 2015!! and now in 2019!!!
    I see a patten here…
    I’d be very, very afraid of this team in 2023!!!

  • I think it must have been Howard’s Bionic knees that he got installed this past winter. He has not been the same since! Congrats to Him and Doug for a job well done!!!

  • Congrats!!!!!! THis is my first year hearing about this race and it has been an absolute JOY following from the start line and in person!! Love it!!

  • Congratulations to both of you! Proud to have a celebrity on Loud Road!! You are beasts!
    Julie & Mick Gebo

  • Super win! Congratulations to a great team, a great organization that presented us with a well presented climax to the entire race. It’s especially exciting to see near horseless carriage (or maybe a true horseless carriage…was the build date pre-Jan 1, 1916?). Many of us pre-’16 owners were closely following the Buick (RACER guys) and the Cadillac (Wandering Troubadours of Finland), thanks for bringing in the old car to victory! Steve

  • Congratulations on your BIG WIN! Hope California wasn’t too hot 🔥.
    Loved seeing all of these cars come through Oroville, California for a Pit Stop. Please come back, again!

  • Congrats to Howard and Doug
    from E&B in car #7.
    True Champions who never
    hesitate to answer any and all
    questions to help fellow racers.
    We really appreciate it.

  • June 26, 5:57p.m. GrantsPass OR. check in. What a fantastic event this was, for I have been a auto mechanic and shop owner in Southern Oregon, but never able to get to national rally. Have a great picture of you checking into, but don’t know if I can post it here. Hope everyone is well, 12/27/2020.

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