A Busy Day at Hershey!

October 10, 2013


It was a busy day for the Great Race in Hershey, Pa., this week as the AACA swap meet got underway. For the second year in a row, the Great Race had a booth at the event just beyond the Coker Tire set up in the Chocolate Field.

During the day, we saw more than two dozen current and former Great Racers including Clem Lange and Bruce Sickbert from Best Home Furnishings. Clem and Bruce were long time participants in the Great Race and Best Home Furnishings has been the sponsor of the Ace Award for the last two races. Alan Stickler was also with Clem and Bruce.

Gary Wales, the winner of the 1984 Great Race. Gary visited with his friends Dirk Regter and Trudy Roorda, who brought their 1915 Model T they are driving around the world by the Great Race booth.


Other Great Racers who came by during the day included Ed and Brenda Hurst; Howard and Doug Sharp; Davin Reckow; Brad Phillips; Sam Hanigrif; Ted and Mary Stahl; Bill Croker; Steve Orcutt; and Rick McIntosh.

Others scene at other spots in Hershey include Steven Tourje, who was at a telephone company conference in the area, and Mike and Cindy White of Reliable Carriers, who are in town for the RM Auction later this week.

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