Hat Trick for Heros Event A Huge Success!

November 16, 2016

The Great Race was well represented at last week’s “Hat Trick for Heroes” events hosted by GroupeStahl in Michigan for Veteran’s Day. Jay Leno was the star attraction on Thursday night as more than 400 gathered at the Stahl Automotive Museum for his performance. Great Racer Ted Stahl introduced Leno and before Ted could sit down Leno had him back on stage where a rare Shelby Cobra was displayed. “I’ll donate $5,000 to the Michigan Disabled American Veterans if you can get in that car,” Leno said to Ted. He got a standing ovation as he squeezed behind the wheel. “Now,” Leno said, “I’ll donated another $5,000 if you can get out!” Leno wrote a check for $10,000.
Friday marked the third straight year for the museum to be open to honor veterans and about a half a dozen World War II vets were among the almost 1,000 visitors.

Saturday was the annual Stahls vs. the Detroit Red Wings Alumni team, which pitted Stahl family and employees against the NHL team’s retired players. Great Racer Dan Stahl played in the game.
In all, more than $100,000 was raised for the Michigan DAV during the three-day event.
Here’s a list of the Great Racer in attendance for at least one of the events:
Ted Stahl
Mary Stahl
Jeff Stumb
Brett Stahl
Dan Stahl
David McAllister
Tony Corrigan
Rick Castaldo
Steve Manley
John Wagner
Bill Green
Buddy Green

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