Great Racers Wed in Oregon

November 18, 2019

The Great Race is one big family, and we like to use the website to share news about the thousands of members all over the world. Lately, it has been sad news with the passing of Howard Jameson and Rex Gardner. In an effort to share some happy news, we are going to be posting items that Great Racers and their families are up to during this off season, from weddings to new cars to other hobbies to births.

And speaking of weddings, Great Racers Taylor Jenkins and Shanna Chatraw were married last weekend in Portland, Oregon, in a private, family-only ceremony. Shanna is a three-year veteran navigator with her father, Neil Myerscough, in their 1960 Studebaker. She and Neil finished first in the Sportsman Division in Tacoma in 2019 and fifth overall. Taylor’s first year in the Great Race was last year when he drove for veteran Rich McKone in a 1936 Ford Sedan. Taylor’s father, Garrett Jenkins, is a six-year veteran of the Great Race, and Taylor’s mother Judy is always nearby as support.

Taylor proposed to Shannon at the start of the 2018 Great Race at Niagara Falls.

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