Great Racers on the Beach in Daytona!

February 21, 2014

Bill Green

Several Great Racers were seen in Daytona this week and last for the annual Speed Week celebration, including Steven Tourje,Bill Josler, Buddy Green, Bill Green and Humpy Wheeler.

And a couple of them – Buddy Green and Humpy Wheeler – were there to participate in the “Historic Racing Legends Beach/Road Course Parade” on the sand where the Daytona Beach race was held until 1958.

Leonard Wood

Buddy took his 1957 Ford “Fireball” Roberts convertible and Humpy took his early ‘30s Ford dirt track racer. They got to drive on the beach and visit with former racing greats who raced on the beach between 1948 and 1958. Former NASCAR greats like Leonard Wood and Brownie King were there, and they both even took the time to sign the trunk lid of Buddy’s car.

Humpy's 34

Humpy said, “Going down that backstretch really brought memories back of Banjo Matthews, Curtis Turner, Cotton Owens and the great modified racers.”

3 comments about “Great Racers on the Beach in Daytona!”

  • The saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Well in this particular case a thousand words would not be enough. My dad and I turned the corner at the south end of the beach race course and headed north up the beach. I immediately jumped out of the car to take the picture and my dad sped away and kept right on driving. (No, he never stopped). I had to walk the entire way up the beach, against a stiff wind, past the famed “North Turn” across the street to the staging area. That’s where I found him him sitting on a cooler drinking a cold beer. I said, “Pop why the h#$% did you just leave me?” He responded by saying “you should have never gotten out of the car”. Sadly he had a point but at the end of the day the picture was worth the walk.

    The event was fantastic and I would highly recommend it especially if you enjoy the history of NASCAR. More pictures and information can be found by searching LIVING LEGENDS of NASCAR.


  • i live 154 miles north of millsboro del in georgetown, delaware. will the great race cars be passing through georgetown?

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