Great Racer Marvin Price Passes Away

February 24, 2015

Longtime Great Racer Marvin Price passed away Friday, Feb. 20, in Scottsdale, Ariz., his wife Rosemary reported to me this weekend. Rosemary said one of the last things she talked to Marv about was the Great Race, which they both enjoyed very much. They last participated in 2013 in their 1948 Ford convertible. They actually were rookies in 1999 – before they were married.

Marvin Price 2

Here are a couple of things Rosemary shared with me in an email in the last few days:

“We were rookies in 1999 before we were married. After our second year in the Great Race in 2000, we decided if we could ride in a 1948 Packard cross country in every imaginable weather condition and where Marv had to focus on the black wiggly arrow of the Speedo instead of the scenery and he could endure me telling him Where to Go and How Fast to Get there; then we definitely could have a happy marriage!!”

“In 2013 we competed with Marv’s newly purchased 1948 Ford Convertible. He was so sick then and our scores were terrible, but we were together and we were with our race friends. We laughed so much and really had a good time.”


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  • Rosemary, Janet and I are so sorry to hear this! Marv was a great guy and we will miss him! We were rookies together, and that forms a lasting bond. I remember one year when we were behind them on a stage and we lost track of them. On a long, straight, rural road I saw the headlights and told Janet to watch this. At the moment they passed us it must have been the fastest Packard on earth.

    He was heavily involved in promoting the old car hobby, and he was known by many. I don’t know which particular part of Heaven old car guys get to hang out in, but I look forward to seeing him there.

  • My condolences, Rosemary. I so enjoyed welcoming Marvin and you at each Great Race stop along the way.

    “If my parting has left a void,
    Then fill it with remembered joy,
    A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss,
    Ah, yes, these things I too will miss.”

    Rest peacefully, Marvin.

  • Rosemary we are so very sorry to hear of Marv’s passing. We have had many enjoyable times with you both on the Great Race. You both are remembered well – such fun people and fun times (except when our feet would swell on those hot floor boards – Marv would buy you sacks of ice to keep your feet cool). Keep the memories they are there forever.

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