Great Race Winner Model A Up For Sale

November 24, 2020

A rare and unique opportunity to own a Great Race winning vehicle has come up, and it would be perfect to use in the event in the coming years after a 21-year absence. This 1929 Ford Model A speedster was known as the Blue Flame special from 1993-99, and it won the Rookie Division in 1993 and the Sportsman Division in 1996 with owner Joe Minshew at the helm. The car was set up for many years to run off of propane, but it is a gas-burner now, and all it would take is some new tires and a tune up to get it race ready. The vehicle is in a warehouse in Charleston, South Carolina, where it has sat since 1999 except for the occasional car show outing, like when the Great Race came to town in 2014. Joe moved on to a 1917 Hudson for the Great Races until 2005, and he unfortunately passed away in 2007. For more information on the vehicle, feel free to contact Joe’s step-son Dannie Barteet at [email protected] or at 843-364-6270. They are asking $22,000.

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  • I have personal knowledge of this car dating back to 1994, and saw it again just two weeks ago. I would be happy to discuss it with anyone interested. I can tell you that it is an awesome vehicle that can be race ready in a few days and will not last long at this price. It is perfect for some of you guys in newer vehicles looking for a great, older car with a factor.

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