Vintage Great Race Stuff, Part 2

January 17, 2013

Great Race 2013

I have been sharing some of the items we have found in the Great Race archives, and the one featured here is another original watercolor by F.L. Henley of Dallas. This one is my favorite because it is from the 1992 Great American Race from Charleston to Costa Mesa, California. That was the first race I was personally involved in. I hosted a stop in Brewton, Alabama, where I was publisher of the local newspaper.

Another reason I enjoy this watercolor is the big, yellow 1916 Buick speedster in the top left hand corner. That is the Buick of Jim Neeley, known as the “Chicken Man” in the early days of the Great Race. Jim was the owner of a fast food chicken chain in Texas, and he liked bringing unusual cars to the event each year. He brought a Stutz Bearcat one year that was awesome. But he was also known for having bad luck. Most of the time, he failed to finish the race.

If you notice in the bottom right hand corner you will see Tom McRae standing behind the 1992 Buick, which was the Official Pace Car of the 10th Anniversary Great American Race.

–Jeff Stumb

6 comments about “Vintage Great Race Stuff, Part 2”

  • Hi Jeff
    Dad (Howard Sharp) has a lot of this memorabilia too. I will take some photos and get them to you. We started racing in 91 and it does bring back a lot of memories.

  • Doug: Thanks. Send the photos on and I will share them. Anyone else out there that has neat Great Race memorabilia please send me photos so I can share.

    • Great poster. I have one hung at my house. My dad, Tim Eyssen, was the navigator and is shown in the poster pointing. He and Jim were neighbors from Graham, Texas. I was a high schooler and went on both GR the years they ran it. Amazing experience for a teenager. Buick went all out and the car recieved ton of PR. If you recall the trading cars, this car was on the box (on all 6 sides). Ironically, the one aftermarket part on the car – the overdrive- gave them fits both times. It was a really cool car.

      Howard – Its been about 25 years since I seen it. Glad it is still out there. Interested in selling?

  • I have the 1929 model A Sedan which was in the race of 1992 from Charleston South Carolina to Costa Mesa California.

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