Great Race Spring Regional Rally Day 1 Coverage

May 19, 2023

Here we go! Friday marks the beginning of the inaugural Great Race Spring Regional Rally presented by Stahls Automotive Foundation! This is a cloverleaf style rally, meaning that each day’s route starts and begins in the same city. In this case, we’re in Auburn, Indiana, and we hit the road this morning to head Northwest into the beautiful farmland of Northern Indiana. We saw quite a few horse-drawn buggies along the way, which are beautiful and scenic, but offer a challenge to stay on time. Toward the end of the morning route, we experienced an extreme challenge, with a stopped train on the tracks and no immediate way to get back on course. After some improvisation, the racers were back on course for the afternoon portion of the route. Farmland continued to be the theme of the day, as we crossed into Michigan for the majority of the afternoon. As the day wore on, rain showers moved in but that didn’t dampen the spirits of Great Racers. We rolled into the Early Ford V8 Foundation Museum for a hosted dinner and tour of the awesome museum while the rain continued to fall. A delicious meal and killer Fords made for an awesome evening in Auburn, Indiana…let’s regroup and get ready for another great day tomorrow!

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