Great Race Featured on Powerblock TV

June 6, 2012

As you guys know, Great Race Director, Jeff Stumb is passionate about this event and he has gone to great lengths to promote it this year. His team has promoted it via this constantly-evolving website, as well as the Great Race Facebook Page. In addition to these new efforts, Jeff has reached out to many media outlets. As a result, the folks at RTM Productions came back to Jeff, asking him to appear on the Powerblock, which is an interstitial TV program that introduces RTM’s four major TV programs, in a two-hour block. The Powerblock airs on Spike TV on Saturday and Sunday every week from 9am to 11am EST and THIS weekend, June 9th and 10th is the Great Race feature!


Great Race Director Jeff Stumb is pictured alongside Powerblock TV host, Courtney Hansen.

If you saw the Great Race segment on Muscle Car TV last week, then you noticed that the Great Race was a small slice of the features on the show. However, this week, the feature on Powerblock will be much more involved! Great Race Director, Jeff Stumb sits down with Courtney Hansen to describe the event, and show off a couple of cars that are prepared for vintage car rallying. It’s an awesome piece, and we hope you tune in to watch it on Spike TV on Saturday June 9th at 9am-11am EST. A repeat of the same program will air on Sunday June 10th at the same times, in case you miss it the first go-round.


As the 2012 Great Race grows, and gets closer to the first day of competition, the buzz is really starting to take off! We’re getting hundreds of phone calls and emails with folks that are truly excited about the Great Race! So, in preparation for the event, check out our big feature on the Powerblock this weekend!!! For more information, visit and be sure to keep an eye on the Great Race Facebook page for up-to-the-minute details, while the event is happening!

2 comments about “Great Race Featured on Powerblock TV”

  • We are heading to Ottawa this weekend (from New Orleans) and hope to get to the Kanata On stopover.
    Can we get more details on this stopover??
    This guy “motormouth” from Kanata–can we e-mail him / meet him??
    Russ and a friend from Kanata

  • Russ: If you come to the stop in Kanata at the Hazledean Mall on Tuesday, June 26, starting at 4:30 you will be able to see the Great Race stop there and meet MotorMouth.

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