The 2016 Great Race Visits Chamberlain, SD on June 24

April 23, 2016

Badlands, North Dakota.
When the Great Race pulls out of Rapid City, South Dakota on Friday, June 24, and heads west across the entire length of the state of South Dakota, racers will be again amazed at the scenery of the region. The day before, participants worked their way through the Black Hills, including a stop at Mount Rushmore, and by the evening they were out of the mountains and on flatter ground. But less than 60 miles from the Black Hills sits another of the most incredible sights on the continent – the Badlands.

The racers will actually rally through the Badlands on Friday on the way to Chamberlain, South Dakota for lunch. Carved by the winds for millions of years, the Badlands were an obstacle to travelers hundreds of years ago. Now, it is one of the top attractions for motorists, and the racers will see why once they travel through.

Chamberlain sits on the Missouri River and was once a camp for Lewis and Clark on their journey west in the early 1800s. Lunch will be served at the community center on Main Street starting at 1:30 p.m. local time. The racers will be treated to Indian Tacos. After Chamberlain, the cars will continue eastward toward Sioux Falls, the overnight stop.

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