Great Race Cars Turn Out for Owensboro Show

May 17, 2024

Five Great Race related cars turned out for the Kentucky Champions Invitational car show in Owensboro last weekend to help promote the start of this year’s event in that city next month. Owensboro will host the Great Race start on Saturday, June 22. The Kentucky Champions event featured Gary and Jean Ann Martin’s 1932 Ford Coupe and Brian Smith’s 1928 Ford Model A Tudor. Smith is a rookie in the 2024 Great Race and he is from Owensboro. Other Great Racers participating were Tom Gray and Vince Mattingley in their 1951 Packard. It is a beautiful car and this will be the first time it will participate in the Great Race, replacing their 1973 Volvo 1800 two door station wagon. David McAllister represented Ted and Mary Stahl, bringing their 1931 Cord L-29 boattail speedster, which won one of the top awards in the event. Director Jeff Stumb had his 1928 Buick Country Club Coupe there as well. It is the last car the great race car driver of the early 20th century Barney Oldfield ever owned.

7 comments about “Great Race Cars Turn Out for Owensboro Show”

  • I want to see the starting of this years great race. I understand the cars are staged for several hours before the race. What is the actual address for the staging and starting point? Where do you suggest staying the night before and or parking that morning, so we can be close to the event area.

  • I want to wish Paul LeBlanc and his son the very best of luck in their first Great Race this year. Paul is a fellow member of the Central NH Model T Club and along with his brother Ken are the very best friends a person can have. I will be fallowing the Great Race and hope you win it all.

    Warren Henderson

  • We’re sending Team Arters, Ken and Jen Arters, all the best wishes for an exciting race adventure! We’ll be following you and hoping you bring that trophy home! We are so excited for all the racers, and praying for high adventure and safety.

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