Great Race Car For Sale in Pennsylvania

November 20, 2019

Ed and Brenda Hurst are selling their 1932 Chevrolet two-door that is Great Race ready. The car has its original interior that is in good shape and it has been updated to include hydraulic brakes, insert bearings in the engine and 12-volt electrical system. The car has won many Aces, which are still on the car, and it has competed in the 2011 Great Race, the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Hemmings Challenge and dozens of Northeast Rally Club events since 2008. Ed and Brenda have also toured in many Vintage Chevrolet Club Association events through the years with the car, but Ed has gotten into even earlier Chevrolets (pre 1920). He is ready to sell and the car is listed at a bargain price of just $19,500, including a Timewise speedometer with a value of almost $1,000 by itself. If you are interested in the car, contact Ed quickly at 724-837-4129.

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