Great Race 2024: Trophy Run Coverage

June 22, 2024

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for! Our whole gang is in Owensboro, Kentucky awaiting the Green Flag, but as always, there are plenty of pre-race activities to mark off the list before we officially hit the road. Thursday was registration and tech inspection day, and today, we had our all-hands-on-deck meeting and then we tackled the Trophy Run. This warm-up rally offered about three hours of action, but those three hours were hot and humid, putting both man and machine to the test. There were a few breakdown and mishaps, but we’re hoping for a full field to take the green flag tomorrow on Veterans BLVD here in Owensboro. Today’s route took us through back roads and farm land and it was just a taste of what we’ll see in the days to come. Although the route was short, it had its challenges and the team that came out on top was Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry in the #66 entry, a 1932 Ford Cabriolet. They are no stranger to the Winner’s Circle, whether it’s Great Race, Dirt Track or pretty much anything with a steering wheel. Take a look at our highlights from today and stay tuned for all sorts of great content all week long on our website, Facebook page and Instagram page.

19 comments about “Great Race 2024: Trophy Run Coverage”

  • Enjoyed seeing the amazing vintage automobiles around town. And meeting some drivers and team members around various parts of our beautiful city!! We are fortunate that they choose Owensboro as their send off city. Good luck to all and safe travels!

  • My wife and I are on track to intercept in Marietta, Ohio from outside Nashville Tennessee!!!!! Sunday afternoon. Let’s RACE!!!!!!

  • just got back from the send off of the Great American Race. WOW, over a hundred great cars. really a neat sight.

  • Just passed several car en route to Lawrenceburg IN. They were going through Farmers Retreat and Friendship IN. Cool to see

  • Enjoyed seeing the photos of departing Owensboro, KY today! Look forward to welcoming you at the Owls Head Transportation Museum on the 29th.
    Owls Head, Maine Resident —-
    Happy Trails To All !

  • Watched them roll into Marietta,Ohio around 4:30. Great turnout in Marietta to see them. Good luck and safe travels to all.

  • Their is a red 1964
    A young boy admiring his car on the lunch stop in lancaster ohio

    He started to get in his car but stopped and offered the young boy to sit behind the wheel

    Such a kind moment I got to experience ♥️

    Thank you

  • What an inspiring group of people who enter this event with their beautiful vintage automobiles! The precision at which they navigate their route is absolutely incredible. Marietta, Ohio had a fantastic turnout and hopefully all of the competitors felt welcome and enjoyed their stay. God speed to all!!! PS, that ‘63 E-Type Jag is gorgeous!

  • Showed my 7yr old son the pics to see if was interested. He loves them! So we will be attending the Great Race in Morgantown, WV tomorrow (6/24/24).

  • Enjoyed seeing all the drivers come into Lancaster, Ohio. Very fortunate to have you folks here for lunch. You made it through the train stop, and made it through the rain. Great job. Thank you for coming to Lancaster! Safe travels.

  • It was fun to see the older vehicles from my front porch. Quite a surprise too. I had not known they would be coming our way on their travels from Morgantown, WV to Frostburg, Maryland. It was a treat!

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